PE and Sports Funding



2017/2018 Sports Premium Funding – Expenditure Breakdown
PE Premium:
Received 05/17                        £3,904
Received 11/17                        £10,978
Budget set                               £500                           
PFA donation                           £165
Total                                       £15,547
Travel and Bosmere branded   £319
sports clothing                
Sports Equipment:               £262

PE Support:                          £14,171 (this is a predicted figure based on current level of support continuing until end of academic year)
SSCO Membership:                £750
Remaining Budget               £1,375
Commentary on use of Sports Premium for Academic Year 2017/2018
  • Every class teacher has at least one PE lesson supported by an experienced PE teacher or Sports Coach – teachers are able to work alongside staff to boost skill set and be exposed to new ideas whilst teaching at least one session per week without support.
  • Level of support has increased this year to allow this. Other areas of impact include:
  • Employing a Sports Coach weekly to run mentoring sessions alongside a member of staff – this will eventually allow the sessions to be run without support and continue to have impact.
  • Daily Sports clubs – using Sports Coaches – are being trialled. They are currently targeted at inactive, able and socially vulnerable children. There will be an analysis of impact on participation levels at the end of the academic year. If successful, lunchtime provision – using current staff – to be evaluated and adapted to include these groups in future.
  • Gold Membership with SSCO will provide further enrichment opportunities – intra-class KS1 competitions, athlete visits, summer festival.
  • Although mainly parent funded, the amount and variation in after-school sports clubs has increased (refer to info-graphic for recent information).
Remaining budget
  • There are plans to arrange a whole school visit to local gymnastics centre, Pipers Vale. This will provide children with exposure to new and exciting activities that may lead to future participation in sport.  
  • An already varied range of equipment and resources will be added to when needed.
  • There are plans to scale down level of support from PE teachers and coaches to free up further money for enrichment opportunities, such as taster sessions in the summer term.

Nicola Broadhurst,
14 Jan 2015, 07:50