Question 1

1.  1. How is a child identified as having Special Educational Needs?


Under the new Code of Practice, children with additional needs fall into four categories. These are:

  • ·         Communication and interaction
  • ·         Cognition and learning
  • ·         Social, emotional and mental health
  • ·         Sensory and physical

Parents may raise a concern about their child with the class teacher, or a class teacher may identify a concern.

The class teacher will then establish a programme of support for the child and closely monitor progress.

If the concern remains, and progress continues to be an issue, the SENCo may be consulted to offer advice or carry out additional assessments.

Some children may require specialist support from other agencies at this stage, and a referral can then be made for further assessment.

If the outside agency offers support, a support plan will be drawn up involving all those working with the child. The child’s name will be added to the SEN register.