Question 5

5. Who provides support for children with Special Educational Needs?

Teachers are responsible for teaching all children in their class including those with additional needs.

Tutors, HLTAs and Teaching Assistants may work with either individual children or small groups.

Some Teaching Assistants are trained to provide speech and language support, and liaise with the speech and language therapist.

The Local Authority also provides support to schools. This can be through:
  • County Inclusive Support Service- Autism and Behavioural Outreach 
  • Educational Psychology Service 
  • SENDiass (Special Educational Needs and Disability information, advice and support services) 
  • SALT (Speech and Language Therapy) 
  • SENDAT (Special Educational Needs outreach service) 

We also work closely with health professionals, including:
  • School Nurse 
  • Occupational Therapy 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • CAMHs (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services)