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A Moment in the Life of Upper Key Stage Two
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A moment in the life of Upper Key Stage Two

Year 6 Thorpe Woodlands Residential Trip

2019 Y6 Thorpe Residential Trip

UKS2 Macbeth the Musical

UKS2 Macbeth 2018

Diorama Share Activity

UKS2 Diorama Share Activity

Meet the Teacher Session Sept 2018

UKS2 Meet the Teacher Session Autumn 18

  Year 6 SAT Information
In the summer term of 2018, children in Year 2 and Year 6 will take their SAT tests. These tests in English and Maths continue to reflect the challenges of the new national curriculum that the children have been working so hard towards. They are a chance for children to demonstrate the high level of understanding they have developed across the curriculum.

At the end of Year 6, children will sit tests in:
Spelling, punctuation and grammar

Outcomes are now given as standardised scores where a score of 100 meets the expected outcome for their age. 

The following link takes you to the government website where sample papers for the 2016 assessments can be found.

 Useful websites for SPAG practise


v    Sounding out the word: Sound the word out little by little. If it sounds wrong, try changing the vowel sound from long to short or vice versa.

Long or short? Definite – long – de/fine/it  (fine as in fine day)

                                      - short – de/fin/it (fin as in shark’s fin)

v    Mnemonics

Because – big elephants can always understand small elephants.

Believe – believe has a lie in it.

Parliament – I am parliament

Hear – you hear with your ear.

Aloud – a loud noise is always heard.

Separate – there is a rat in separate.

v    Picture words: Create pictures from the syllables

v    Highlight helper : Colour in tricky parts of the word –  Wednesday,  colour.

v    Say it as you spell it:  Wed/nes/day, fav/our, dis/tinc/tion (dis tinc tee on). This technique helps with picture words.

Post-it aplenty: Write any new vocabulary down on post-it notes and stick them on the furniture which you use everyday e.g. a wall, mirror or door. Your eyes will take in the word without you realising.
Copy Look Cover Write Check: Copy the correct spelling out onto a page, look at the word and memorise it by using the above strategies. Then cover the word and write it down. Uncover the original and check your spelling.
v    Read more at home: The more you read, the more you will come across new words which will broaden your knowledge. You will take on board spellings and new vocabulary which you can look up in the dictionary. Try reading aloud to yourself or someone else and use the above strategies to help you with any tricky words.
 Useful websites for Maths practise

 Our trip to the National Gallery: 'Framed'
"We've all been mutagened!"

National Gallery UKS2

A trip out to Needham Lake and Alder Carr Farm

Needham Lake and Alder Carr Farm

E-safety Questionnaires
Please take part in the questionnaire as part of our E-safety Learning so we can see how you are making use of the internet.

UKS2 Computing

In UKS2 we have been developing our skills of coding and programming. We have used Bee-bots and Pro-bots to understand the inputting of algorithms (as well as helping us to develop our knowledge of angles and shape in maths!). We have also used Purple Mash and Scratch to develop our coding skills to debug games and even create our own screen
Click the quick links below to take you to these websites so you can develop your coding skills further at home:

                                                                Purple Mash                               Scratch

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