Lower Key Stage Two Home Learning

 To support your child's learning at home we provide reading books that can be shared and enjoyed.

KS2 Home learning – Autumn Term 2016 – Operation Pied Piper

Undertake all the activities from below, one to be handed in every Wednesday. First home learning should be handed in Wednesday 14th September 2016. Your home learning must be handed in on time and to a high standard. If it is not to a high enough standard you will be asked to redo it.

In addition to the topic home learning below all children should read aloud to an adult daily, practise their times tables several times a week and KIRFS attached. The SPaG computing task below gives access to additional supportive activities.

There are 13 weeks this term and 13 homework activities.  Task 14 in compulsory and weekly.

In addition you will be given a short optional topic project to complete over half term. 


Tick When Completed


Design and create an outfit for yourself to wear as an evacuee. Bring in your designs coloured and labelled.  You will be wearing this at least once. Please complete this by ½ term. See poster in classroom windows for inspiration.



Create a food chain and present in an innovative way.



Use world map provided and colour code the Axis and Allies from WW2.



Write a poem about being evacuated.



Create a well presented poster which illustrates your practice and progress for each of the KIRFS this term.  See KIRFS attached.



The Battle for Fuel – see attached sheet




Create a recipe for food rations, make and photograph or even bring in for tasting.



In their shoes…

What do you think the evacuees may have found fun and exciting, and be anxious or worried about? You must explain your thoughts. Present this in an appropriate way. (You could use Power Point).




Draw a picture of a suitcase and the items you would choose to take if you were evacuated in 1939. Write a short paragraph to justify your choices.



Make your very own Gas Mask out of junk.



Create a comic strip of the story of “The Pied Piper.” Why do you think our topic is called “Operation Pied Piper”



Write a book review of “The Lion and the Unicorn” or “Friend or Foe”.



Write a news report for the BBC to broadcast about the London Blitz.






As soon as children bring home their user name and password for the ActiveLearn web site please complete regular practice with them of the assigned SPaG activities.  Try to do one activity per week or more if you find them useful. Keep a tally of the number of activities undertaken.