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This week Precious Property was the theme of Mrs Green's assembly.  She shared a heart that her daughter had made, which she keeps in her bag. What is precious to you?

 Books are precious to Miss MItchell...


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This week Mrs Green introduced Terrific Teams.  Mrs Green is looking forward to hearing all about the Team work going on in different classes.

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Sports Night

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It was a lovely warm (if a little breezy) evening on Friday when we had our annual Sports Night. As it is Olympic year, the evening began with a parade of flags and pledges to the Olympic values. Everyone had a fantastic time, particularly the older children in the dressing up race - see the pictures on the slide show below!. Congratulations to the Orange Team who were the overall winners.

Miss Sutton and Mrs Miller have fun at High Lodge!

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Miss Sutton, Mrs Doherty and Mrs Miller went to High Lodge to have a look ready for our trip on the 10th July. Mrs Miller and Miss Sutton had a great time trying out the play equipment!

End of term events

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We have several events planned over the remaining weeks of this term - whole school trip to High Lodge , Summer Gala, Sports Night, Leavers' Assembly etc. Please see the letter that was sent home on 20.6.12 for details.

Y5 Activity Day 13.6.12

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This has been postponed until 27.6.12 due to the bad weather.

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